Online Gambling. Switzerland, Publish the First Lists of Obscured Sites

The federal law on gambling betting sites on which the Swiss expressed themselves in June 2018 provided for the blocking of unauthorized gaming sitesThe first lists of foreign sites offering prohibited gambling games are published, Swiss suppliers are required to block access.The Commission for Lotteries and Betting (Comlot) and the Federal Gaming Commission have published their first blacklist of sites that offer unauthorized foreign gambling. This measure is provided for by the federal law on gambling accepted by the Swiss in June 2018. The lists are available on the websites of both committees, according to the communication published Tuesday in the “Federal Gazette”. Comlot has around 60 foreign websites offering online bets in Switzerland without authorization. The Federal Gaming Commission has blocked more than 30 sites. The federal gambling law prohibits the provision of gambling games from abroad and provides for criminal penalties. Comlot and the Federal Gaming Commission must each publish a block list of domain names that offer unauthorized foreign gambling. Swiss access providers are required to block their access. These measures are intended to counteract foreign companies that often provide services with insufficient measures to combat fraud, money laundering and gambling addiction, according to the Commission. Furthermore, they pay neither taxes nor taxes in Switzerland. The new gambling law opens online gambling for Swiss casinos. For example, institutions wishing to offer certain games such as roulette on the Internet will need to extend their concession. For online poker, a gambling house can, under certain conditions, collaborate with a foreign operator of casino games. The latter must be allowed to manage the game in his country and not be based in a jurisdiction included in the blacklist of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Players residing in Switzerland will have to play via their account on Swiss sites. The foreign operator must prevent them from accessing his unauthorized gaming offer in Switzerland.

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